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Video Games' Five Most Romantic Couples

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It's Valentine's Day, the one day in the western world U.S. (sorry, forgot about you, Amsterdam) where it's legal to pay for sex. So here's a very NSFW video of gaming's top five couples.


Naturally, Mario and Peach (despite that affair with Sonic) are No. 1 - even if CitizenGame completely blew it by confusing Pauline for Peach (in Mario canon - oh, God, I'm citing Mario canon in an NSFW post - they are distinct characters).

But who are the other four loving couples? Again, if you press play be prepared to get some frickin' porn. This is rated NSFW for footage of CJ and Denise getting it on in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and some Peach hentai at the end.

Update: Well, I guess the sex and the Peach boobie was enough to get the video pulled off of YouTube. I went over to CitizenGame's site and it's not hosted there either. Trust me, it was funny while it lasted.


Video Games Top 5 Most Romantic Couples [YouTube, thanks Danny]

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Just for your information: Prostitution is legal in a lot more countries (in Europe) than Amsterdam, most often with the condition that it's heavily regulated, as in, the prostitutes must be registered and undergo regular health checks. Makes sense as simply prohibiting it won't prevent it anyway, and would just push it into an area where no one can control it. Better allow something potentially immoral, but ensure the health of both the prostitutes and the clients (and thus the entire population - health is not an individual issue, the health of a single person can affect all those around him - that's also why mandatory medicare also makes sense for the good of the entire state).