"Video Game Storytelling Can Surpass Books Or Film"

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Star Ocean 4 producer and frustrated erotic game developer Yoshinori Yamagishi really has faith in the power of video games to tell a story.


Sure, there are challenges, but Yamagishi thinks game storytelling can eventually superseded other mediums. "As opposed to films, books and TV, as a medium it is more of a challenge to produce a game in order to tell a story," he says. Obviously, in theater, film and TV, the creator has greater control in how the story is presented to the view. Thus, it's easier to control the viewer's feelings and emotions.


"But in [a game developer's] case we always have to think about how players might react to each depiction of a character or storyline, and that's the part we can't predict," Yamagishi continues. "Nevertheless we have to make these predictions to a certain degree, and incorporate this into our work." He adds that this is more of a challenge.

"But if we manage to get over this hurdle," Yamagishi says, "then I regard video games as a greater medium to provide people with deep emotional and exciting experiences."

It's just a matter of getting over that hurdle.

Square: Game storytelling can surpass film [CVG via Dtoid]

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I just wanna see a Final Fantasy movie that is the same story as the game...like 12...not a spinoff like FFVII: AC