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Video Game Divorce Rates Lower Than Real Divorce Rates

Illustration for article titled Video Game Divorce Rates Lower Than Real Divorce Rates

Maplestory, an online game that's been running since 2003 (2005 in North America), lets players get married. It also lets them get divorced. And that's where it gets interesting.


In 2011, the divorce rate in Maplestory for North American players was 46%. That's...pretty terrible, but it's actually less terrible than the divorce rate for American human beings, which stands at 50% for the first marriage and only goes up from there for subsequent unions.

That's about where the good news ends for Maplestory players, though. According to this report on VentureBeat, once divorced, crazy exes are just as batshit crazy in a video game as they are in real life, with one woman scorned taking control of her former lover's account and flinging his virtual belongings all over the place.


Your odds of staying married in Maplestory may be better than in real life [VentureBeat]

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I would like to state the reason the divorce rate is so high in America is because people marry nowadays just on a whim. I hear of people marrying because of social status, unexpected babies, and just for the hell of it. After it is all said and done most people just find it hard to deal with their "equal" and get a divorce, which only takes a few signed papers. The easiness it is to get married and divorced probably does not help with the statistics.