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Video Game Artists Come Together for a Cause

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

More than 200 artists, many from the games industry, have rallied to support one of their own - the girlfriend of a Mythic Entertainment artist who has faced down breast cancer and is looking at a long, expensive recovery.

The woman, Cat, is the 25-year-old girlfriend of Mythic's Mike "Daarken" Lim, who has along with Dreamworks' Leif Jeffers organized an art auction supported by contributed works. Cat, who also works for Mythic, has already undergone a bilateral mastectomy and 16 weeks of chemotherapy, which are difficult treatments, to say nothing of their expense.


Lim and Jeffers recruited submissions from folks at Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rockstar, ArenaNet, Big Fish Games, Red 5 Studios, Offset, Zynga, Massive Black, Disney Interactive and BioWare (and, of course, Lim's own Mythic.) Contributors also come from Hollywood's Pixar, Disney, Blur, Blue Sky Studios and, of course, Jeffers' own Dreamworks Animation. With a roster of more than 200 contributors finalized yesterday, they've already received 14 works (one, by Jeff Miracola, a freelance artist who has worked for EA, is above.)

Lim and Jeffers are looking to host the auction in February, either in San Francisco or New York depending on the availability of a good space. Meantime, they're considering releasing an art book, plus other smaller items that people may have for contributions smaller than buying original artwork. There are plans to coordinate live bidding with online bidding, Lim said.


The theme of the submissions is called "Beautiful Grim," a concept they've left up to the artists' interpretation. "So far, people have been sticking to their own industry," Lim told me when I asked if any works so far have been video game-inspired, or themed. "There should be a wide variety of entries, it will be interesting seeing all the different styles and genres of art."

For a full list of participating artists and much more information, see the link below.

Beautiful Grim [site]