VGAs' Overall Television Ratings Slide For Fourth Straight Year

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The Video Game Awards are a high-profile event, but trade mainstream exposure for a production some gamers find cheaply stereotypical. That bargain still hasn't conclusively paid off; overall ratings declined for a third straight year, but gained in some demographics.


Variety reports that Saturday's production delivered 627,000 viewers to Spike, a 3 percent drop from last year. While Nielsen will consider DVR playbacks through Dec. 18 in the final figure, "in all, Spike's big gaming party is becoming less and less of a must see event for the industry's top fan," Variety concludes.

Hamfisted dialogue, lowest-common-denominator jokes with telegraphed punchlines, and presenters butchering video game titles would seem to redound to that.

In core advertising demographics, however, the VGAs made some impressive strides: Men 18-34 showed a 15 percent increase: adults of both genders, 18-49, were up 12 percent and adults 18-34 were up 5 percent.

How Did Spike's VGAs Do Ratings-Wise? [Variety via RipTen]

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If/when someone puts on an Academy Awards equivalent show, I'll watch it.

This show is the equivalent of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards.