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Valve's Indie Bundle Is Only Charitable To Your Back Pocket

Illustration for article titled Valves Indie Bundle Is Only Charitable To Your Back Pocket

Never ones to let a bit of charity corner the market for gaming bargains, Valve's Steam service is now offering the "Steam Play Indie Pack", which bundles five great games along with ability to play on both Mac and PC.


That means you can buy the games on PC and play them on Mac, or vice versa. Which is probably the main reason it's gone on sale today of all days, but you can't help but wonder whether the success of the Wolfire bundle didn't contribute slightly to the decision.


The five games are "And Yet It Moves", "Galcon Fusion", "Osmos", "World of Goo" and "Machinarium", so yeah, it's a quality pack. Indeed, for $20 it'd be worth it for those last two games alone.

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I hope this lasts until next thursday when I get paid and can afford another bundle! I'd love to get Osmos and Machinarium and try out the other games. Already have World of Goo via Wolfire's bundle. =)