Charity Games Bundle Story Has A Happy Ending

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We got a little bummed yesterday that people were pirating a games bundle released for charity. Let's put that behind us today, and instead focus on the positive aspects of said bundle. Like the fact it's made over $1 million.


Yes, since its release last week, Wolfire's Humble Indie Bundle has been bought by 118,810 people, with a total of $1,080,964 being spent on the pack. Now, not all of that goes to charity: Wolfire points out that $334,646 will be split between the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play, the remainder to be divided between the game's developers.


The charitable donations will no doubt garner the most headlines, and rightly so, but I'm actually more impressed with a $650,000 pay day for those indie devs (it works out to be just over $150,000 each).

To mark the occassion, the pack has also gone "open source", with the code for every title bar World of Goo set to be laid bare for all the internet to see/play with.

Humble Indie Bundle [Wolfire]

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Actually, it looks like World of Goo's developers haven't pledged to make their game open source. Everyone else has.

Check the link and look for yourself?