Valve make PC games. They port em over to consoles, sure, but at heart, they're a PC developer. But what if they were more than that? What if they decided to start making Wii games, or MMO games? Team Fortress Summer Party? World Of Black Mesa? It'd be hilarious. And it's something Valve would love to do. Except, uh, they won't. Not unless you or anyone you know knows magic.

GN: The thing is I'm a big fan of the Wii in terms of a lot of the interesting things that it does, and we have absolutely zero Wii games in development. There's always so much more that we'd like to do that we could do. We have a bunch of MMO fans inside of the company that would kill to be working on an MMO.... 1UP: ...including you? GN: Myself included. [Laughs] A Wii MMO! Woo-hoo! We have nobody working on such a beast. Magically, if we could increase ourselves in size, then we can do a lot more of this stuff.

Don't know about magic, Gabe, but we hear cash money works just as well with that sorta stuff. Gabe Newell Talks about Valve's Plans [1UP]