"Meet the Medic," the eighth and penultimate video in Valve's "Meet the Team" shorts was a long time a-comin'. Why the long wait between "Meet the Spy" and the video introducing Team Fortress 2's Medic class?


Well, Valve scrapped (at least) two previous attempts at "Meet the Medic," one that involved the doctor coming back from an extended vacation and one that sounded more like "Meet the Medigun." The Team Fortress 2 developer explains in a "behind the scenes" look at the Medic class' video the difficulties in bringing this support-based character to the forefront and how one pretty good train gag didn't survive.

The Team Fortress blog has some never before seen (outside of Valve) animatics from previous stabs at "Meet the Medic," walking us through the though processes that made the movie finally happen—and why that severed Spy head was in his fridge.

Meet the Medic: Behind the Scenes [Team Fortress]

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