Team Fortress 2's 'Meet The Medic' Will See You Now

Ending a two year hiatus since the last Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Team" video, Valve unleashes "Meet the Medic," an introduction to the man behind the Übercharge. It was worth the wait.


There are sneak peeks at some of the new content promised in this week's "Über Update" amidst this insane medical action drama, an update that goes live today. It wraps with the news that Valve is making Team Fortress 2 a free to play game going forward.

Enjoy four minutes and nine seconds of Medic cinematic bliss. Next, "Meet the Pyro." Can't wait to show it to my grandkids.

Update: And here are the new Medic class updates, the end(?) of the Über Update. The class gets a new Medigun, a new Syringe Gun and one Bust of Hippocrates.

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