Valve on the 'Perception Problem' of PCs

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Gamasutra has a nice wrap up of an event held at Valve's Washington offices; the topic was (surprise!) PC gaming. On the question of whether PCs are really lagging behind:

"Is there a crisis in [PC] gaming?" asked [Gabe] Newell, who led the first segment of the talk. "You know, 'Piracy killed my game,' 'Console numbers are huge,' 'People don't want to play their PCs in the living room' - all these stories get written over and over again, and our view is that it's exactly the opposite. PC is where all the action is, and there's a perception problem."


Also on the agenda was a discussion of piracy (and indicator of "unserved customers"), the worldwide PC market, and how Steam and Valve fit into this whole PC new order.

PC Has 'Perception Problem,' Piracy Reflects 'Unserved Customers' [Gamasutra]

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@Hand_O_Death: okay... you CAN do all those things on your consoles, but most ppl dont. i dont have one friend who surfs the web on their consoles, i know a couple ppl that tried it just to see it, but that was it. i work at a game store, and when ppl ask me whats the point in having a bigger hard drive (yes that happens), i tell them if they dont plan on deleting movies/tv shows after they download them, or if they want to store a lot of music and downnloadable games on the system to get a bigger hdd. before i can finish that sentence, they fan their hand because they just want the thing to play a game.

but on the other side, ppl say

"oh you dont have to have the latest graphics cards to play the latest pc games!"

"you can buy a machine for under 500 bucks and play the latest games, with decent grapics."

wait, arent you losing one of the biggest strengths of pc gaming then? its advanced graphics. so if im buying a cheaper pc with an older video card that make the games look like they would on 360/ps3. im going to only be able to play them at barely above minimum specs, and have to upgrade it at SOME POINT before id have to buy a new console. whats the point? i just bought a 360/ps3 basically.

devs are doing things to pc games that make them closer to consoles as well.. games with mediocre graphics like wow or battlefield heroes (i like the graphics in those games, just saying they arent anything the pc community could brag about) are probably going to be the norm. theyre making everything easier to use or "dumbing it down" as the pc snobs would say.

i have nothing against pc gaming, its just not my bag. not because of upgrading and all that, i just prefer to sit in front of a tv with a controller in my hand when it comes to gaming as oppossed to in my computer room with a mouse/keyboard. (i know i can buy controllers for my pc, or hook it up to my tv, but still...) but my main reason is that i prefer retro styles of gaming, the japanese/arcade style is what ive always liked. fighting games, platform games, beat em ups, shoot em ups, run n gun, rail shooters, strat rpgs. stuff like that has always gotten me excited, which is why i like the wii/ps3 more than 360. house of the dead, ghost squad, umbrella chronicles.. all games that got me psyched.