Valve Drops MMO "Code" into TF2 Update

Earlier this week we brought you the delightful Team Fortress 2-as-RPG screens. Valve's returned the favor, dropping some "code" in the latest patch to troll the more gullible players among its base.


Because every TF2 patch gets picked apart within minutes of its release, Valve didn't have to wait long for someone in its forums to find the following:

// TF2 MMO
"TF_MMO_LFG" "Looking For Group"
"TF_MMO_Quest1" "You must kill %s1 %s2 to complete this quest."
"TF_MMO_Monster1" "Boars"
"TF_MMO_Monster2" "Rats"
"TF_MMO_Monster3" "Bats"
"TF_MMO_Monster4" "Wolves"
"TF_MMO_Monster5" "Spiders"

Too bad this is a joke. I was so looking forward to "Meet the Wolves."

Valve Sneaks TF2 MMO Jokes Into Latest Patch [Shacknews. Tipster Lord Matt also brought it to our attention.]


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