Valve Appeals Australia Ban of Left 4 Dead 2

Illustration for article titled Valve Appeals Australia Ban of Left 4 Dead 2

Couched in an update of Left 4 Dead's ratings status in 11 locations is news the publisher on Wednesday appealed Australia's refusal to classify the game, effectively banning it for sale there.


No other comment was given in the announcement. I've emailed Valve to ask for a little more detail on the case they've presented down under. Should it make any comment, I'll update here.


In all, only three regions are still in process of rating (or reconsidering, in Australia's case) Left 4 Dead 2, due for release on Nov. 17. The United Kingdom and New Zealand are also still reviewing the game. Elsewhere - PEGI, ESRB, Japan, Germany, etc. - the game has all received M or equivalent ratings. Ireland's board hasn't rated it but has approved it for classification.

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Can someone please clear something up for me? Is Austrailia not a democracy? Do the citizens there not have freedom? Because it seems to me, that refusing to classify a game and therefore banning it from sale, infringes on a persons right to make their own decisions.

Maybe I'm spoiled cause I live in Canada (Southern Ontario/Little America as I call it.) But I'd be PISSED if I wanted to play a game and my government wouldn't allow me. To me, that's totalitarianism (?).

I ponder what the Austrailian government is afraid of, should their citizens be subject to interactive images of violence. The fantasy imagery of zombies in particular. Are they worried that blowing up a corpses head with a shotgun will awaken long-dormant tendencies from their country being founded as a penal colony? I don't get it.

Every single person of Austrailian descent I've ever met, has been kind, friendly, sincere, and above all, funny! Always pleasant to be around! Why, then, does their government not trust them enough to make their own decisions?

I think, if you live in Austraila, or New Zealand, you should appeal to your government. Demand reform. You're all big boys and girls now, you can dress yourselves in the morning, and you SHOULD be allowed to choose what video games you play.

All in all, I hope Valve wins this case. Everyone deserves to play this game. Should they so choose.