Valve Appeals Australia Ban of Left 4 Dead 2

Couched in an update of Left 4 Dead's ratings status in 11 locations is news the publisher on Wednesday appealed Australia's refusal to classify the game, effectively banning it for sale there.


No other comment was given in the announcement. I've emailed Valve to ask for a little more detail on the case they've presented down under. Should it make any comment, I'll update here.

In all, only three regions are still in process of rating (or reconsidering, in Australia's case) Left 4 Dead 2, due for release on Nov. 17. The United Kingdom and New Zealand are also still reviewing the game. Elsewhere - PEGI, ESRB, Japan, Germany, etc. - the game has all received M or equivalent ratings. Ireland's board hasn't rated it but has approved it for classification.

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