To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Demon Hunter!

Alright, well, I am outta here for the next week. That means no Owen until Nov. 3, the day after both Election Day and the Supreme Court's oral arguments in Schwarzenegger vs. Entertainment Merchants Association. I should be in an awesome mood.

What's gonna happen until then? Well, here's a handy dandy survival guide to life without Owen.

• I've given over templates for the standing features to Brian, but you can expect a few not to run. The Moneysaver, Box Scores and Stick Jockey will all be dark.

• The Kotaku 'Shop Contest under way now will be rounded up a week from Saturday - i.e. Nov. 6. There won't be a new challenge until I get back.


• I know Moneysaver is very popular; our deals contributors have been told of my absence and invited to post items directly in their hashtags. So if you're bargain hunting next Saturday, check #techdealdigger, #dealzon, #logicbuy, #deals4downloads and #slickdeals. If you have deals to share, use the #dealtaku hashtag, and #ukdeals, #europedeals and #canadadeals if they're applicable.

• When I return I'll begin the process of remaking the comics page. If you haven't voted for your favorite features, please do so. Invite your friends, invite your kids, invite your wife and invite your husband too, because they votin' errbody out here.

That's it. Try not to break Saturday and Sunday while I'm out. If you do, fix 'em before I get back.


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