Uwe Boll Now Losing Money by Means Other Than Shitty Films

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Apparently, even the ownership of the exclusive worldwide sales rights to Uwe Boll's films doesn't completely destroy the reputation of a company, because a judge determined Fantastic Films still had enough of a name left for him to ruin in a $2.1 million ruling against Boll on grounds of breach of contract and libel.

A Los Angeles arbitrator found that Boll, who brought us masterpieces of cinema such as "Postal" and "Alone in the Dark," sent nasty-ass emails to competitors that disparaged Fantastic Films, steered away from FFI the business he was obligated to provide, and failed to pay them commissions. The libel claim itself counts for $200,000. Additionally, the court on Nov. 5 confirmed the arbitrator's findings that, more or less, Boll's testimony in this dispute was, in lawyer-speak, horseshit. Sucks to be Uwe!

Judge Rules Against Uwe Boll [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Kind of reminds me of the guy who wrote Boondock Saints. Except, instead of making one awesome movie, he made a bunch of terrible ones and only acted like an ass to his target fan base. Well I guess since his first movies were funded mostly under that government program for arts initially, he couldn't really get in trouble with anyone funding him. At any rate, the man made really bad movies and developed this illusion of grandeur about himself to which further disconnected him from his intended audience. It was a case of evolve or die, and he is clearly on the path to extinction.