This is a story about a library issuing a partial ban on the playing of video games, but really, it makes sense. Actually, it's good news, because it means that kids still choose to hang out at libraries. Of course, this is in Utah, so such wholesomeness is unsurprising. But no one can play video games at the Eagle Mountain Library from 2 to 5 pm on weekdays, apparently because they were taking up too many terminals and/or bandwidth by playing video games. After all, a library is for like, lookin' things up and stuff. "There were students and adults who needed to use computers for research that were having to wait too long and, you know, getting frustrated by that," said a librarian. So, it's back to surfing porn I guess. Eagle Mountain is about an hour south of Salt Lake, 45 minutes west of the Orem/Provo/American Fork corridor. Here's what shocked me: the median age of Eagle Mountain's residents is 13. That's median. Holy Toledo, is this Kid Nation? Guys, if you form that kind of constituency, you need to get one of yourselves elected to mayor, so you can pass laws mandating video game play. And go-karts on public streets. And candy for breakfast. Utah County Library Issues Partial Gaming Ban [KSL-TV]