Using Kinect To Make Your Own Action Figures

I've always wanted to have my own action figure. And had I been in Barcelona earlier this year, I could have had the chance, thanks to a 3D printer and a network of Kinect cameras.


A collaborative effort between street artists and science, "Be Your Own Souvenir!" was a little project run in January in the Catalan capital that let people strike a pose and have a 3D printer recreate their likeness in a small little figure.

Taking the pictures were three Kinect cameras, the Xbox 360 peripherals plugged into a network of programs that could take the person's image in 3D, translate it into the necessary code and have it spat out by a 3D printer.


[thanks Mister_softi!]

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Sweet. I have a friend with a 3D printer; with no forward or anything, he handed me a towel clip for the kitchen. I'm thinking to myself, "It's a clip, but he seems happy with it." "Useful, I guess," trying to sound enthusiastic. Someone finally piped in, "He printed it!"

We later printed up a small TARDIS.

This, though. This would be hella awesome. Need larger scale...