When you begin a game of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, your engine will be off. How do you start it? Well, by saying "engine start."

Free-look also is controlled by voice in the Kinect-supported version of the game, providing a 360-degree spin around the car to show you how far behind the fuzz are and what kind of a pursuit angle they may have. "Drive car," also allows you to switch your ride if you come upon a better one.

This is all done through the game's "EasyDrive" system of spoken menu commands, which also allows for things like chassis and tire modifications on the fly (as in, in the middle of pursuit.)

This should make for one hell of a troll job with your friend or brother in the room. Trying to get away from the law while your pal is hooting "Look around! Look around!" could make for a particularly challenging meta- or drinking game.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted releases on Oct. 30.

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