USB Heated Gloves for Chilly Gamers

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If you game in an igloo and have a USB connection, have we got a gadget for you: Heated gaming gloves. Jack these babies into two USB ports and they'll warm your hands by another 10 degrees in five minutes. They have the cut-out fingertips to give you that hobo-warming-his-hands-over-a-trashcan-fire style. Considering the U.S. economy, it's the "it" look of 2008. I had no idea this was such a common problem that someone would create and sell this sort of thing. Then again, I live in California where it's always 60 degrees and fair outside. But really, I think whomever made this did so just so people would look like total idiots playing wireless controllers with wired hands. Awesome Gadget of the Week: USB Heated Gaming Gloves [Team Teabag]


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first of all, your a liar if you say that California weather is always 60 outside and meant to say its always 90 outside and dry and hot as crap. I lived there my whole life and just moved to move ever!

As for the gloves...good idea, bad execution