USB HDD on Nintendo Horizon?

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There's plenty of chatter about a seeming run-of-the-mill job posting but, admittedly, it might foreshadow something even for those of us who have qualifications necessary to work for Nintendo. Here 'tis:

CONTRACT - Software/Hardware Tester

Description of Duties

—-> * Creating and executing a test plan for Wii's USB devices <——

* Executing test plans with great attention to detail and documenting bugs

* Writing test procedure documents, gathering, and learning required software/hardware

* Reproducing bug reports and helping find work-arounds or resolutions

The talky-talk going around surmises that it involves USB HDDs to store all those swell WiiWare games Ninty's been pushing out. Me, I think it's a USB George Foreman grill, but then I don't represent the cutting edge of blog thought.


Nintendo Looking Into USB Attachments? [Nintencast, via Codenamerevolution and others]

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@EnigmaNemesis: But by Nintendo's own admission, while the people who need extra storage are the most hardcore, they're far from the majority, and you're only going to sell one hard drive to each such person. They have to write the USB mass storage device support into the OS either way; actually selling their own hardware would add risk.