Upgraded Yuffie Version Of Final Fantasy VII Remake Exclusive To PS5 For 'At Least' Six Months

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I still don’t have a PlayStation 5. If you are like the majority of human beings, you also probably do not, even after six months of futile longing. I say this not to rub it in your/my face, but to instead deliver further sobering news: If you played through Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 (like I did) and loved it (like I did) and were excited to play the upcoming bonus Yuffie episode in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (like I was), get ready to wait.

Warning: This trailer *extremely* assumes that you have already finished Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The new version of the game, which includes a new “episode” that sees the not-very-mysterious Mystery Ninja infiltrate the Shinra corporation to steal Materia, was already set to be a timed exclusive on PS5. In a new trailer for Intergrade released today, Sony shed light on the length of that exclusivity period: “at least” six months.


With the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake set to release in June, that means other platforms like PC and Xbox won’t get the additional content—or, presumably, Final Fantasy VII Remake in any form—until December 2021 at the earliest. As for PS4, it seems unlikely that the bonus Yuffie content will ever come to the PlayStation most people currently have, as it’s been “optimized” for PlayStation 5 according to Square Enix.

When it comes to exclusivity windows, this kind of wait is par for the course, but with the PS5 drought still in full swing, it stings. I just want to play the darn DLC for a game I beat over a year ago; is that so much to ask? In the world of triple-A video games, apparently the answer is yes.


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Since, I don’t plan to even touch the FF7 remake until the entire thing has been released and bundled together, I’m not too worried about timed exclusives. I’s gots all the time in the world. Not to mention, a massive backlog of other games to keep me entertained over the next few years while I wait.

I’m not knocking those that do want to play it now. If you are willing to shell out the dough and only play in parts, that’s cool, too. I’ll do me, and you do you.

I just view it this way: Let’s say the whole thing comes out to 4-parts. You can either buy each part, when launched for full retail price, (US$59.99.) Or, you can wait until they’ve all been released and the inevitable box-set or “Master Collection” or what have you, will come out for far less than $239.96. ($59.99 x 4) Or, they’ll be packed together in a Humble Bundle, Fanatical sale, Steam Summer Sale, etc.