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In a recent Famitsu article on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Square Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura talks FFVII: ACC. We know about that, tell us about those unreleased Final Fantasy games!


Nomura told Famitsu that the voice recording for FFXIII is in its final stages. Versus-wise, Nomura says that the game's costume designer has finished up the character outfits for the main character and his comrades. The costumes are apparently hard to recreate in-game due to their material. They also accidently made a pair of shoes that don't match. DOH.

Rest easy — whenever Square Enix finally releases FF Versus XIII, the characters will be well dressed. Phew.

Nomura & Co. On FFVIIACC & Fabula Nova Crystallis Status [PS3 Hyper]

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