UPDATE: My Half Whole-Assed Attempt to Give You the Resident Evil 5 Trailer

OK, after much teeth gnashing, I realized that the trailer referenced in Gametrailers TV super-galactic exclusive show last night is actually available unto itself at, naturally, Gametrailers. So there it is.


But the countdown has stopped at Capcom's official Resident Evil 5 site , so the site has fully launched. You can catch the trailer there, and check out other eye candy for the game. That is all.

Resident Evil 5 Official web site [Capcom]

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@Candlejack: Not necessarily, there's always some other character running round with a gun, isn't there? Luis Sera for example.

If they actually don't do co-op, although I hope they do, it would be cool if they went back to the Resident Evil 1/2 formula of picking one of two characters to play through the game with. Seperate Ways in Resident Evil 4 felt a little bit like that, for me. So maybe this female merc gets something similar? I'm willing to bet that she will be playable in some form, in her own mini game perhaps, or if the rumours are true The Mercenaries makes a comeback, definitely in there.