The old pre-snap commands are back in Madden NFL 11, one highlight in a whale of an update that also adds replays of key moments from the upcoming NFL season, and even a "Breast Cancer Awareness" presentation mode.

Madden NFL 11's implementation of the "Strategy Pad" provoked howls of protest from the series' hardcore fans, for changing how pre-snap adjustments and hot routes on offense and defense are keyed in. But with this patch, now live on both consoles, the old command set from Madden NFL 10 is back. So those who have fidgeted, repositioned and audibled receiver routes from muscle memory can get back into that comfort zone.


The other big deal in the patch is Madden Moments Live, which will update weekly with the key moments of the ongoing NFL season, allowing players to recreate those matchups. Similar to the 49 "Madden Moments" from 2009 that shipped on the disc, EA Sports said Madden Moments Live will publish each week between two and four of the key games of the 2010 season for replay.

The replayable moments are available for purchase under the game's Madden Coins structure. Coins are earned in multiplayer play in either traditional Madden or its Ultimate Team mode, but they can also be bought for Microsoft points or money through the game.

Individual Madden Moments will cost 2,000 coins; all of a week's moments will cost 5,000 coins; and 60,000 coins gives you everything for free this year.


Madden Moments Live, which Xbox 360 users must download (for free) from Madden's "Game Content" menu, comes with five free scenarios from 2009, all involving the New Orleans Saints. Replays of three key victories, the NFC Championship and Super Bowl XLV are included. The feature is installed automatically when PS3 Madden owners get the update.

The rest of the title update delivers the usual raft of tuning, tweaks and balance adjustments, plus some other intriguing details. Notably, it provides penalties to quitters and Madden coin awards to those who were quit on in Ultimate Team multiplayer games, an issue the community had raised soon after release.


And, in a nice gesture, EA Sports included a "Breast Cancer Awareness" presentation mode reflecting the NFL's participation in the cause. It adds a pink ribbon field logo to the games, pink sweatbands, gloves and shoes to players (even pink ties in the stepping-off-the-bus pregame cutscene). The mode is selectable from the Play Now menu (the fourth option, past the AFL presentation). In franchise mode, all games your team plays in October (franchise October, not next month) will feature these details.

See all of the patch details at the link below.

From Us To You: Title Update #2 [Madden NFL Blog]

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