Update Brings Movie Parties to PlayStation Home

PlayStation owners are now able to stage or join movie-viewing parties in PlayStation Home thanks to an update delivering Sony's Crackle network to Home's entertainment-on-demand system.

"Hundreds of full-length Hollywood movies and thousands of television shows," are now viewable with friends for free, says PlayStation Blog. Social viewing of up to 60 users is supported, as well as private parties of up to 12 (including you) The screens may be found in Home's LOOT EOD Theater, Sunset Yacht, and the Hollywood Hills House.

The video above explains it. Not exactly the best rundown of films, but who knows what else you'll find in the lineup? See the link for more details.


Home Weekly Update: Watch Free Full-Length Movies with Crackle [PlayStation Blog]

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Avatars and, honestly, XBL is better than Home. You make a stupid/cute/cool mini version of yourself that's much better than a still image for profiles and you can talk, group together, watch movies, watch ESPN and start/join game sessions much faster than this crap.

Sure you actually have to pay for Live but it's better than having to play Second Life and constantly download/update places. Not to mention XBL is more practical, if only Microsoft didn't shove ads and useless "web videos" down our throats...