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Upcoming Dark Souls 3 Mod Lets You Play As The Bosses

The Dark Souls franchise is all about getting very strong and wielding a big weapon. A new mod allows you to become the strongest and wield the biggest weapons. The upcoming “Forces of Annihilation” lets you play as the bosses of Dark Souls 3.

As modder DATEHACKS explains in a Reddit thread about the mod, the alteration to Dark Souls 3 is really all about delivering a simple thing to players: you can play as the bosses. Playing as the bosses of any video game is pretty cool, and Dark Souls 3 has some very cool ones.


Want to be a big giant? You can be a giant. Want to have Pontiff Sulyvahn’s purple sword and fire sword? You can have that. Become the jerk boss you’ve always wanted to be by slaying dozens of underlings with the big bad that they’re supposedly protecting!

DATEHACKS explains a little big about how they came to make the mod, the lineage of its co-creators, and what to expect from it in a longer video that you should watch if you find any of this interesting:

If the name DATEHACKS seems familiar to you, it might be because of the Age of Fire mod for Dark Souls that allows you to play as the bosses of that game. It was cool in that game, and it’s cool in Dark Souls 3. This might be a universal rule in video games.


There’s no current release date for the game, but DATEHACKS explains exactly where the project is currently in the above video, and it seems like we can expect this mod in the not-too-distant future.

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Why does a group called DATEHACKS make mods to let you play as the bosses in Dark Souls, rather than what we really want, which is a mod to let you date the bosses in Dark Souls?