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Dark Souls Mod Lets You Play As The Game's Bosses

Illustration for article titled iDark Souls/i Mod Lets You Play As The Games Bosses

The bosses in Dark Souls are assholes, the perfect virtual killing machines. Ever wanted to turn the tables and become one? Now’s your chance.


DaTeHaCKs, which might be the most Internet name ever to appear on the Internet, is responsible for the mod that makes this possible. He hasn’t released it publicly yet, but he’s been putting out amazing videos of Dark Souls bosses pitted against one another with him in the cockpit. Yes, he’s actually controlling them, pulling off the movies that have wrecked us all.

It’s not much different than watching a Godzilla flick, really. It boggles my mind to watch someone just walking around, casually defeating enemies as the enormous Ceaseless Discharge.


I’m also intrigued by the concept of being able to exercise one’s demons through this mod. I spent hours and hours fighting Artorias. Now, I can beat the shit out of him with Manus? Or even play as Artorias and wreck fools? It’s enough to bring a tear to a man’s eye.

Maybe, just maybe, I can start the healing process.

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I’d look forward to a more PVP-oriented version of this mod. Players against Boss-Players.