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Precinct, the unofficial successor to the classic adventure game series Police Quest, won't be coming back through Kickstarter. But the project, which is led by Police Quest creator Jim Walls, will live on.


The president of Walls' development studio, Robert Lindsley, blamed gamer anxiety about Kickstarter:

“Like other recent high-profile Kickstarters, we quickly saw that Precinct wasn’t gaining the traction it needed,” Lindsley said in a press release. "While fans are interested in backing new ideas, they’re becoming increasingly aware of the risks inherent in crowdfunding. We’re hoping that this new model will give backers more confidence in the projects they’re funding.”


It's true that some recent prominent gaming Kickstarters have flopped. See Motorgun. See Shadow of the Eternals, though those guys have already started a new one.

The Precinct's Kickstarter was cancelled today, having raised less than $86,000 of its $500,000 goal over the last three weeks. The Kickstarter was going to need to be funded by August 16.

They're not giving up, though, and will be seeking "staged funding" through the game's official website. At $25,000 they say they'll deliver a "proof of concept". They'll deliver a full game if they make $400,000.


So if you want a spiritual successor to Police Quest, you can still do something to make that happen.

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