Uncharted 2 Art, Straight from the Artists Themselves

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With Uncharted 2 out and scarfing up a bathtub of major awards, especially for visuals, the games' creators are showing us how it was built. Several Naughty Dog artists have posted a ton of art in this thread.


Richard Diamant, ND's lead character artist, was joined by Darcy Korch, Bryan Wynia, Nichol Norman, Behrooz Roozbeh and many others showcasing their work in Zbrush's community forums. You can get a look at the wireframes, textures, environments, matcaps, and, of course, character models forming the source material for this game.

The thread began with Diamant posting some samples, and then his colleagues quickly followed with theirs, to the delight of forum readers. And now, you. Great community outreach by Naughty Dog, even if it wasn't the intent.


Clarification: Calling these assets concepts is inaccurate. Most if not all were actually used for the game or the public promotion of it.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Art Work [Zbrush Central, thanks to reader Anugrah Adams]

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Yeah, I just checked out their art dump on [zbrushcentral.com] in the forums.

Some amazing looking stuff, and love how they did the hair on the main characters. I also friggin knew that they went above the average 10k poly limit to about 20k, otherwise they'd never get the detail for the facial expressions.

Really impressive stuff nonetheless, and love the environment modeling on the stealth courtyard scene. Been hoping I'd get to see the wireframes on character models for a long time :)

I thought it was kinda funny the Chloe needed more polygons than Drake because she showed more neck.