'Uncharted 2' Already "In The Works," Says PSM3

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Probably thinking it would be a shame to let those lovely rock textures go to waste, not to mention that half-tuck, it appears that Naughty Dog is hard at work on an Uncharted sequel. According to a quote from the latest PSM3, there's more fortune in Nathan Drake's future with still more things to chart and pirates to shoot in the face. The news allegedly comes straight from the mouth of Naughty Dog co-prez Christophe Balestra. We're not calling Mr. Balestra a liar or anything, but we're going to check in with the developer to make sure this is all on the up and up, considering PSM3 cites a "French news channel" interview. Update: We heard back from Naughty Dog, who point out that the interview PSM3 cites is dated January of this year, something we've already covered on Kotaku, you know, in January. While we have little doubt that the boys and girls in Santa Monica will revisit the Uncharted universe, don't go hanging your hopes on this particular source.


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'Uncharted 2' Already "In The Works,"


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