Ultimate Shovelware: Shit Game

Stumbled across this on Reddit when I was looking for evergreen features earlier in the week. If you like monochrome graphics, inscrutable physics, confusing environmental interaction, floating hairy turds/eyeballs and half-assed production values, you'll love Shit Game, an ode to game programming's less-creative endeavors. Indie programmer Mark Johns says he developed this in about a week back in February. The (world exclusive!!!) trailer is above, and the game (for Windows PC) is available for download from his site. The soundtrack is trailer only, Johns says the in-game soundtrack is entirely pop music done in MIDI. Sounds even shittier. A Game By Any Other Name Would Still Be Shit [Doomlaser, by Mark Johns]


@: As a sad owner of an actual copy (I thought that it might be good so I got it back when it actually came out), nothing is as bad as Paintbrawl. I can't even consider it a game. I played it for a full hour, just trying to figure out what the hell I was supposed do do to have the game actually start. I finally realized you were supposed to eject and hurl it against the wall.