UK Gets Xbox 360 Price Cut And Price Hike

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It's not only the US that is seeing an Xbox 360 price drop, but the UK, too. Starting tomorrow, the Xbox 360 Elite 120GB will be priced at £199.99 (US$324).

The new price is a £30 drop from the current retail price, and the the Xbox 360 Pro will be phased out in the United Kingdom.

While the price for the Xbox 360 Arcade is static in the US, it will be priced at £159.99 (US$259) — as expected.


It's official: Xbox 360 price cut announced [MCVUK]

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I know people living outside USA always compare the price with the US dollar, but isn't people from UK also earn money in Pounds?

I can clearly see how you could feel paying more by just exchanging US to GBP but then again, importing there costs pounds, taxes also in pounds, shop employees get paid in pounds, etc.

Of course unless you get paid in USD :P