UK City May Name Road After Lara Croft

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Derby, the city in the United Kingdom, is said to be considering naming a road after Lara Croft, who was created at Derby-based Core Design in 1996.


The city is taking suggestions for names of two stretches of road, and one of the more popular ideas is Lara Croft Way. The city's marketing director thinks it's a great idea too. "Personally I would be in favor of something that projects something new and modern about the city so I quite like the Lara Croft idea," said John Forkin, the director of Marketing Derby.

And that's even considering other suggestions of a more robust tradition - Florence Nightingale Way and Rolls Royce Way, among them. Nightingale lived in the area, and Rolls Royce is a major employer.


I wouldn't be surprised to see them go with Lara Croft here. In Europe, they go for recognition in naming their public construction. As opposed to the United States, where it seems most bridges, overpasses and stretches of highway are named for some transportation commissioner, retired general or state senator no one's ever heard of.

Lara Croft is Lined Up for Derby Inner Ring Road Immortality [Derby Telegraph via Destructoid]

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