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Uh, Britain, About Your Modern Warfare 2 Pricing...

Illustration for article titled Uh, Britain, About Your Modern Warfare 2 Pricing...

While Europeans are sadly used to paying more for games, we don't think they're quite as used to paying as much as Britons are being asked to fork out for Modern Warfare 2 when it hits this holiday season.


The standard version will be priced at £55 (USD$90), making it one of, if not the most expensive regular editions of a game on record. But that's just for the standard version.

The fancy "Prestige Edition" - which includes a working set of night vision goggles - is priced at £120. That's just over $195.


If that's not bad enough, it's expected that Modern Warfare 2's price jump is just the first of many the British market will see over the coming months, as a weaker pound and higher development costs drive wholesale prices skyward.

Sucks. But hey, it could be worse. You could be French. They've got it worse.

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Sorry Plunkett, I think you're a bit off here. £120 is extremely reasonable considering these sorts of things usually translate from $149 USD to £149 Sterling or more... Although yes, in comparison to the US the exchange rate doesn't make it fair, but at £120 it is welcomed as most of us were expecting it to retail at £150 or above!

I agree that £55 RRP for the standard edition is indeed a bit too much, but we all know retailers will most likely slash this RRP to a more reasonable sub-£50 price, so this fact is moot.

Oh, and you forgot to mention that here in the UK it is a HMV exclusive, which I think is a much more important fact worth sharing...