Ugly Movie Spawns Ugly Box Art

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Put Johnny Depp in a silly hat, slather some makeup on him, add a couple of deformed tiny people, and you've got another one of my childhood memories ruined forever, and some hideous box art to boot.

First Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now this. I don't know if Tim Burton needs to find some new actors who will put up with him, or if he just needs to leave my childhood alone completely. Batman was great. The Nightmare Before Christmas is still a classic, as long as you avoid Hot Topic around Christmas time. Hell, I even enjoy Edward Scissorhands, as it hearkens back to a time when Johnny Depp's face and ridiculous makeup were just getting to know each other. Now it's just getting old, and tired.

You know what I'd like? A game or movie called Alice in Wonderland where the posters and box art have ALICE on the cover. I'm going to stop before my head explodes.

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What bothers me the most is that I am going to have to deal with seeing 2,000 guys dressing up as Depp's Mad Hatter at any Science Fiction Convention I plan on going to for the next year and a half.

I literally want to bite someone on the face.