In a UFC broadcast last week, THQ in slipped word of a publishing delay for UFC Undisputed 3. The game now will release on Feb. 14, after originally being planned for January.

That means UFC 3 will now go head-to-head with EA Sports' SSX, a rather bold choice as UFC 3 would have held January all to itself in the sports genre, with only NFL Blitz a downloadable title, scheduled for that month currently.


Pasta Padre rightly notes that UFC Undisputed 2010 performed poorly at retail and that market competition was blamed for it, so much that THQ decided to go to an every-other-year release schedule, taking 2011 off. THQ must be extremely confident in what it has, because it'll be in a six-week period that includes both baseball simulations, the next Tiger Woods game, and Grand Slam Tennis 2.

My only guess is that THQ has market research suggesting a post-Christmas release won't fare well as people still will be playing games they got for the holidays, or after buying gifts won't have as much cash.

New Release Date for UFC Undisputed 3 [Pasta Padre]

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