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Ubisoft Teases Rabbids Go Home With Wii Jokes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ubisoft's giving the hideously adorable rabbids from the Rayman spin-off series their own adventure, one that's not a collection of Wii mini-games. Rabbids Go Home offers heavy-handed zaniness, Ubisoft style.

The game's first teaser doesn't give one a great sense of how the Wii title will play, instead taking a few jabs at console-proprietary controllers. Wii boot controllers and helmets don't seem that far fetched anymore—and we'll wager they'll feel even less so after this year's E3 reveals sink in—but the concepts behind Rabbids Go Home are far more ludicrous.

We played a few levels today, all of which we'll tell you about when E3 rolls around. Until then, keep an eye out for Wii gags.