Ubisoft Steam Sale Bundle Costs More Than Buying Games Individually

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Price of individual products: $68.17. Your cost: $99.99. Hmmmm.

Steam’s running a big sale on Ubisoft games this weekend, and it’s pretty exciting. Even newer games like Far Cry Primal have had their price tags trampled by mammoths and yelled at by weird frightened NPC dudes. The sale is definitely worth a look.


Buuuut all is not as it seems. In a couple places, bundles actually cost more than their individual components. Both the Ubisoft Prime Pack and the Assassin’s Creed Pack suffer from this issue. So, you know, keep your eyes open.

Now, it’s worth noting that Ubisoft isn’t the first publisher to do this. On top of that, there’s a chance they didn’t even mean to do this. Applying across the board discounts to most games in your library and then also discounting pre-existing bundles can result in some wacky numbers. It’s tough to say what exactly happened here. That’s not to say Ubisoft and Valve shouldn’t be held responsible—and they should absolutely do something about it already—but still.

The moral of the story? If a Steam Sale is going on and you find yourself making eyes at a bundle from across the Steam store frontpage, don’t just click the buy button. Make sure individual game prices add up to match the bundle. Otherwise, well, that’s money down the drain for you.

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A simple error that can easily be fixed but this among many others happens much too often across the board. In short, Steam sucks.