Ubisoft Plans 10 Games For Natal Next Year, 4-5 For PS3 Motion Controller

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French publisher Ubisoft, no stranger to waggle, is getting behind Microsoft's Project Natal in a major way, with "around 10 games" planned for the Xbox 360's hands-free motion controller. And it has similar designs on PlayStation 3 motion controller support.


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said during a financial earnings calls earlier today that the publisher expects 10 titles to "come for Natal during the first six months of the launch."

"We expect four to five games for [Sony's motion controller]," Guillemot added. "That's the picture at the moment. It can change in the next 12 months."

When asked to clarify if that includes releases like the newly announced Prince of Persia game, Guillemot made clear just what those Project Natal and PS3 motion controller games would be.

Yves said that he "didn't count the games that are supporting the new functions that those accessories will bring," seemingly indicating that the number of titles that will be motion control ready, but not necessarily motion control-only could be larger.

Guillemot said the ten Xbox 360 titles and "four-to-five" PS3 titles were along the lines of "casual games that we are doing on those two machines" and consist of about "70% new property."

With the Wii doing more harm to Ubisoft's bottom line these days, the company's reaffirmed "strategy of developing bigger franchises" will probably mean good things for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owner. That, or plenty of Imagine Babyz mini-games, now in mind-blowing high-definition.



Darth Tigris

Ok, so what can we reasonably gather from this?

1) Ubi has more development resources dedicated to Project Natal than 'Unnamed PS3 Motion Control'. Why this is the case is anybody's guess.

2) Ubi looks committed to motion control as a tech and has plans for a number of near-launch titles.

3) These games will have a casual slant.

And . . . that's about it. So while many may enjoy taking a Chicken Little stance, there is no evidence that 2010's motion explosion will result in anything resembling the movie 2012.

In fact, 2010 looks to be an absolutely overwhelming year for potentially quality traditional gaming releases. And there is no way that MS nor Sony will ignore the scores of gamers that already have purchased their consoles. That's business 101, take care of your customers.

So why the long faces?