Ubisoft Opens Facebook Gaming Portal

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Ubisoft already has one game up and running on a new Facebook portal it just opened. TickTock tests your knowledge of your friends and then, naturally, pesters you to pester them.

In the game, you're given a series of recent status updates and asked to identify, by multiple choice, who wrote them. Fast answering is key, otherwise a "bomb" goes off. At the end of the game, you get to send "bombs" to others - basically invitations to play - from the stockpile you earn by guessing correctly. "Lifelines" extend the time you have to answer, in case you just have no idea whose status update reads: "Just christened the commode in my new apartment."

Laurent Detoc, the president of Ubisoft North America, said TickTock will be "the first of many applications that we're building for our UbiFriends portal."


It's not on the cliché level of pirates, ninjas, zombies, vampires or throwing sheep at one another. Yet. But its spread still depends on the "so-and-so did something, don't you want to do it, too?" model, and for many, the answer will still be "no."

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Michael Dukakis

Goddamn you social networks... you will be our downfall. They must be stopped!!!