Ubisoft Announces Trials of the Blood Dragon, Out Today

Illustration for article titled Ubisoft Announces iTrials of the Blood Dragon/i, Out Today

Today at E3, Ubisoft RedLynx announced Trials of the Blood Dragon, which looks about like what you’d expect if you took a Trials game and mashed it up wth Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

I’ll cost $14.99 and it’s actually coming out... right now! Well, not right this very instant; they said it’ll be out in about 30 minutes, since they didn’t want people ditching their press conference to go play. Heh.

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Mortal Dictata

Really? So people asking for a Blood Dragon sequel get a Trials game.

Totally can’t see how that was a stupid business decision. /s

Also those two weirdos at the start weren’t really liked by the crowd were they.