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That's a little nugget couched in a defense against charges Ubisoft has a crappy lineup for Wii and doesn't care. Oh but they do care! The lineup is crappy for a reason! Read on.


On Ubi's forums, a commenter complains, "we get no new Core-titles and when we get some like Shaun White Snowboarding it looks worse than SSX on the Cube. Doesnt really look like Ubisoft is trying to put some effort in it."

The moderator comes back with a well-what-do-you-expect argument, without saying exactly that. The Wii's a console parents buy for kids, he says. "Parents who are buying a console for their children do not really care about Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six or Far Cry on the box, they want games that are going to be good for their children and not get them in the local newspaper."


Then, quoting a bunch of sales figures, says Ubi's mindful of the Wii's growth market, which is casual gaming, not Assassin's Creed. "If you look at the most successful Wii games, they are not amazing new AAA games, they are predominantly family orientated [THIS IS NOT A WORD] games/alternative games."

I made a D in college logic, so I am amenable to corrections. But if I have it right, this is what the guy himself is saying

• Games that sell well on Wii are crappy (at least by "normal gamer" standards, as the questioner describes himself).

• Ubisoft makes games intending for them to sell well.

• Ubisoft makes games for the Wii.

• ... (profit!?)

Also, if you're a Wii gamer and think I'm pouring on the hate, your own people are sending around and signing a petition to demand Ubi make better games on the Wii. Sign it if you want, but I doubt it'll budge Ubi's Nintendo strategy. (Next up: Gerbilz!)


Finally, I like this plea:

"As for Shaun Whites on the Wii, can you at least wait to get some more information and gameplay on it before binning it? Most people have seen a few screenshots and they already hate it because it does not look as good as the 360 etc but to damn a game just because of looks, and without actually playing it is just silly."


No, actually, that's the status quo.

Do You Have Anything at All for Normal Wii-Gamers? [Ubisoft Forums, thanks mickifree93]

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