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Two Years in the Slammer for Hacker Who Stole $300,000 from Zynga Poker

Illustration for article titled Two Years in the Slammer for Hacker Who Stole $300,000 from emZynga Poker/em

The British hacker who fleeced Zynga Poker for 400 billion chips, which have an official worth of $12 million, $300,000 on the black market, will serve two years in prison.


Ashley Mitchell did a poor job of covering his tracks after breaking into a Zynga server running the casino game and robbing it of the virtual currency. He was caught after selling off a third of his loot for $100,000, admitted his crimes, and was sentenced last week.


The Guardian has the blow-by-blow of how he managed to pull it off and get caught.

British hacker jailed over £7m virtual gaming chips scam [The Guardian, via VG247]

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Darth Stewie

This is why I could never be a good thief. I'd be way too afraid to sell off anything I stole. My paranoia is already abnormally high about things like this.

I've sold a few things on Craigslist in the past and sometimes I've worried about being able to prove that what I was selling was in fact mine to begin with.

At least this guy admitted to what he did, kudos to him. I figured this was gonna be another story about how the game 'told' him to do it...