Two More Brütal Legend Gameplay Videos for You

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Gametrailers TV's latest episode threw out two WORLD EXCLUSIVE (natch) clips of Brütal Legend gameplay - filled with guitar powerslides, headbanging followers, and good old fashioned beat-em-up asskicking mayhem.


For an original IP, Brütal Legend is going off with some uncanny expectations. Please be good. Please be good. OK, I think it will.

Brütal Legend - Combat

Brütal Legend - Boss Battle

Brütal Legend



i see this game as one of those games that feeds off of another franchises fanbase...that game being, rock band and/or guitar hero. Im happy to see jack black doing more voice over work. He has a great presence. I just dont see the appeal of this game. I mean, it might have to do with my music into like breakcore drum and bass electronic music...i used to be into classic rock and stuff but it got boring to still into metal..but not the soft metal they have in this game. I dont see anything innovative about this as a hack and slash RPG IP...i want to, but theres nothing that has proven to me that its just a way to hook an already hooked audience.