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Two Monkeys Play Angry Birds Space—and One of Them Gets Three Stars

These two capuchin monkeys, Sasha and Thor, are mascots for Houston's Gallery Furniture. Here, some brave iPad owner handed them Angry Birds Space to play. Not only did they not completely break the device, Thor even three-starred a level. See for yourself in the video above.


Their Angry Birds technique is remarkably similar to mine, and by that I mean, slapping the screen while wondering how this damn thing is supposed to be solved.

According to the video's YouTube caption, if you're in the Houston area you can head to Gallery Furniture and watch Sasha and Thor play in person. If you do, ask them how to three-star level 4-2 for me, OK?

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Well, hate to kill the joke, but it was only the first level, and they seemed to have just been randomly shooting the birds around(And slapping the planet) until one happened to hit it's mark.