Turok To Stab Dinosaurs At A Movie Theater Near You

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Turok, the dinosaur hunting Native American hero, now 50-plus years in existence, is getting the silver screen treatment according to MTV's movie blog. Set to star Adam Beach as the titular dino-stabber, the movie is still a long way off, with the lead actor telling MTV Movies "We're about to set up meetings to develop a script and put it out there" with an estimated release "a couple years" from now.

Outside of glancing at Turok comics on the racks, I've only dabbled with a handful of the video games from the Nintendo 64 era and the most recent Xbox 360/PS3 re-imagining. No word yet if the Hollywood adaptation will borrow more from the video games or the comic books in their many incarnations, but I'm sure that folks will be looking forward to T-rexs bleeding to death on screen with burning anticipation.

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Beach To Star In Live Action Turok Movie [MTV Movies]

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Ok Turok history lesson time. Turok was a Native American dude who got called Son of Stone because he was built like one, and twice as stubborn. He ended up in some dinosaur filled lost valley with his brother and spent the original comic series trying to escape. They had the traditional Native American garb and gear due to the story being set before the Europeans arrived in America. The next set of comics set an evil super bad god thing making super smart super dinosaurs in a Lost Land where time didn't move (I came late to this series, and never quite grasped where the super dinos came from). This lost land goes boom super dinos get scattered all over earth, Turok goes hunting again. I don't know anything about the games other than some brief time with the first N64 and gameboy versions.