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Since moving to a free-to-play model, Dungeons & Dragons online has seen a 40 percent increase in subscribers, the developer Turbine said in an interview with Ars Technica

The game's free account mode limits players in classes, races and quests, which can be bought via microtransaction or though a full-boat $15 monthly subscription.


"We have a good chunk of the population that is spending more than $15 a month," said the Turbine executive producer Fernando Paiz. "The traditional subscription model can only make X dollars off a player. This kind of removes that cap.

"[Free players] get to try the game, not be constrained by a one-week trial, and then decide when they've made the commitment that they're engaged enough that they're ready to spend money," he added.

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Behold the Power of Free [Ars Technica via Evil Avatar]

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