Try Out Two-Player Canabalt — If You're In Winnipeg

Canabalt, the flash smash and iPhone indie hit, got a special two-player version from the game's creator and it will be showcased in the Winnitron, a touring arcade cabinet featuring several top-notch indie hits. This badass trailer was created for both.

The Winnitron 1000, according to its site, "was made from a refurbished 80's arcade machine, and features games created by Winnipeg's independent game developers. The Winnitron was built to inspire and encourage indie game developers. By holding game jams, events where developers get together to collaborate on new game ideas, we hope to grow the city's friendly and creative indie game scene."


Infinite Ammo notes that the machine will be at Winnipeg's Lo Pub at 9 p.m. tonight, along with other arcade classics and new games by local developers.

Canabalt 2 Player! Winnitron Exclusive [Infinite Ammo]

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