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Troll Your Pals With Pineapple, Onions, and Xbox Live's Pizza Hut App

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jesus Christ, you can order a pizza from your Xbox 360? Yes, thanks to Pizza Hut and Xbox Live, whose 172.65 megabyte food-downloadin' app is now available for hungry hungry neckbeards like me and Fahey.

The delivery app—demanded five months ago by Xbox Live users in this thread—went live this week. I so wanted to be able to pay for this with Microsoft Points. I really wanted to see some bullshit like a "Supreme Toppings Pack!" pop up as DLC. Could I get a P'Zone as a preorder bonus? Can I purchase a season pass for breadsticks? Nope. But XBL users are getting a 15 percent discount right now.


Ah, but will the Xbox 720 let you order a used pizza? If not, Microsoft and Yum! Brands aren't yet saying. This thing is Kinect-enabled (which I totally missed on the first go-around) so if you want to order your pie minority-report style, knock yourself out.

Mike insists the horrid pizza I sent him (I have no idea why the jalapeños were left off) was delish. In his honor I ask that any medium three topping pizza with bacon, pineapple and red onion be called "The Fahey." And for those wondering, yes, this really was our professional work appearance today.


Video edited by Chris Person.

"Cantina Rag" by Jackson Frederick Smith at Free Music Archive.