Next Media Animation's army of computer graphic animators churned out a story today neatly encapsulating the week's escalating hacker wars.


LulzSec, depicted as the bad guys in this video, are responsible for attacks against a number of sites including Sony, The Escapist, Minecraft and Eve Online.

Out of the swamp that is 4 chan, two groups of hackers emerged. The first, anonymous, practised hacktivism, using DDoS attacks against numerous targets such as Iran, the Church of Scientology and

Lulzsec, on the other hand, are pranksters happy just to take down random sites for lulz. Lulzsec has been on the rampage, taking down the CIA website to win a twitter flame war while picking another fight with 4chan despite past associations.

4chan users are out to take down Lulzsec any way they can. Will the hackers of Lulzsec be applying their computer skills elsewhere soon?

Only time and more absurdly animated videos will tell.


LulzSec Goes on Hacking Rampage for Lolz [NMA]

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